Get To Know Us

Prime Learning Advisors is a venture launched by two of Manhattan's most enthusiastic and committed teachers who got their start lining up their stuffed animals (and their brothers), "teaching" them anything and everything.  In 2012, while teaching down the hall from each other at a public school in Manhattan, Alyssa Newman and Deanna Catanzaro's backgrounds and beliefs in inclusive education and childhood development bound them together.  The co-founders of Prime Learning Advisors have worked together to find ways to support children, families, and educators to feel inspired while learning both in schools and home settings.  They are constantly seeking innovative ways to make learning thoughtful, effective, and above all, fun.  Their work with your family or school promises to be nothing but professional, sincere, and exemplary. 

The Founders



Alyssa attended Syracuse University's School of Education, where she obtained a degree in Inclusive Elementary Education, as well as a degree in English.  She went on to receive her M.A. as a Literacy Specialist from Teachers College, Columbia University. Alyssa later went on to become a certified Reading Recovery teacher. She has worked at schools in NYC where she differentiated for students with IEPs in her roles as a classroom teacher and the SETSS (Special Education Teacher Support Service) teacher. Alyssa also works with professionals in the educational community.  She co-taught Methods and Materials for Reading Instruction at Teachers College and has presented at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project's Reunions and institutes both in NYC and across the US.  She is a Supervisor for interns in the Literacy Specialist program, providing them with feedback on their teaching in the classroom. Alyssa works with principals, coaches, and teachers as they develop strong balanced literacy models within their schools. When she's not in the schools, Alyssa works privately with families in Manhattan supporting students in grades Pre-K-5, with a focus on supporting young children learning to read and write, as well as test prep.




Deanna began her career in education at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education where she earned degrees in Childhood and Special Education and minored in Psychology. She then received a Master’s degree in Literacy from Hunter College. Deanna served as one of three founding teachers at a public elementary school in Manhattan's District 2. She acted as lead teacher across the primary grades in various classroom settings, engaging and supporting all learners.  Deanna was also a certified mentor and course instructor at NYU where she supported new teachers.  She currently consults with schools around building robust literacy and mathematics programs accessible to all students, as well as refining pedagogy and strengthening teachers' content knowledge. Deanna develops and facilitates workshops tailored to the individual needs of schools and coaches teachers through the instructional process of planning, delivering, and reflecting upon lessons. Working closely with families, Deanna provides private tutoring for students in grades Pre-K through middle school, with a focus on helping students construct deep meaningful understandings of major concepts in mathematics, as well as test prep.